Ga. Code § 44-14-362

Current through 2023-2024 Legislative Session Chapter 709
Section 44-14-362 - Cancellation of preliminary notice upon final payment; form of cancellation
(a) Upon final payment after all labor, services, or materials have been furnished, a person who has filed a preliminary notice of lien rights shall either deliver a cancellation of the preliminary notice of lien rights at the time of final payment or cause the notice to be canceled of record within ten days after final payment. Any person who fails to so cancel a preliminary notice shall be liable to the owner for all actual damages, costs, and reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the owner in having the preliminary notice canceled.
(b) The cancellation required under this Code section shall be in the following form:

"Clerk, Superior Court

of __________________ County

You are authorized and directed to cancel of record the preliminary notice of lien rights which we filed on the property owned by (state name of owner) on (give date) and recorded by you in Book __________________, Page __________________, of preliminary notices kept by you.

This __________________ day of __________________, __________________.

__________________Lien claimantor attorney"

OCGA § 44-14-362